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Sādhanā means a daily spiritual work. This work is a way of accomplishing something. During our time at Sea we will guide you in a daily practice of Breath, Meditation and Chanting. We will also hold daily Yoga Asana Practice. No experience necessary, this opportunity will empower you with the foundations for establishing your own simple Sādhanā upon returning home.


During this 5-night cruise, Amy and Joshua will host 2 Workshops (on Sea Days). These Workshops will go far beyond just asana skills and into the depths of all things yoga. They are intended to help on your journey to establish your Practice or move help develop you from where you are to where you want to be.


Join us as we explore Havana in a caravan of Classic Convertibles. This Cultural Excursion is in compliance with the US OFAC "Support to Cuban People" visa program. With an over night there will be plenty of time to experience so much more of the Cuban Culture. In Cozumel we will also host an optional Scooter Tour & beach day excursion at one of Josh's favorite beachside Cantinas.

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