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Class Descriptions

Mysore Yoga Class Bonita Springs

Ashtanga Mysore is a teacher assisted, self paced practice. This traditional way of teaching Yoga allows you to work in relationship with your teacher to learn at your own pace with personal guidance, hands on assistance, in a community setting.

This is an open window of time where you may arrive and practice according to your schedule. Your practice length will vary depending on your pace and the number of postures you have learned. It is not intended that students practice for the entire window of time. New students are encouraged to plan 45 minutes to 1 hour for their first class.

This is the best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga, and the perfect WEEKDAY class for New Students and experienced practitioners alike.

Primary Series Led Ashtanga in Fort Myers
Led Primary Series

This class is for experienced students, or as a complement to a regular Mysore practice. In this class, the teacher will call out the names of the poses in Sanskrit according to the classic vinyasa count without demonstration and with minimal cueing.

The intention of this class is to develop efficiency in your practice, refining what you have learned in the Mysore classes. The full sequence of poses is meant to be learned gradually in Mysore Classes. If you haven’t yet learned the full sequence, you can observe what is to come or simply stop at your last pose and finish on your own.

Visitors who join this SATURDAY class are asked to have an established Ashtanga Yoga practice.

AYN Class Schedule

AYN Schedule

Clinics, Workshops, & Intensives

Higher Education

Develop your Yoga Skills


AYN is dedicated to its role as a Yoga School and so our clinics are designed to provide a time and cost effective means for area teachers and students to develop their understanding.

Asana Clinics - These 90-minute clinics provide an open forum to bring your asana questions. Together we will breakdown the intentions, actions, and elements of the pose and then review other asanas and drills that can help you develop your skills and mindset. These clinics are useful for practitioners of all levels and are truly a learning and exploration experience!

Teaching Mastery Clinics- Each 2-hour clinic will have a topic of focus. The first hour will be a vinyasa flow class that hightlights the topic and provides teaching tools. The second hour is a discussion about the challenges and solutions about the topic. Both students and teachers will benefit from the mastery class.

Refine your Yoga Practice


AYN Workshops are intended to take you from where you are to where you want to be. You will dedicate a little more time but go even deeper as you develop skills that will take your teaching and practice to the next level.

Teaching Mastery Workshops - ...

Yoga Skills Workshop - Asana, Philosophy, Science, and Theory. Yoga Skills Workshops will take you so far beyond just asana skills into the depths of all things yoga. AYN teachers as well as some of the best and most skilled teachers near and far are lining up to provide their leadership and knowledge to our local community.

Yoga Teacher Training Naples


Whether a weekend, week, or year it takes time, commitment and effort to learn and establish positive patterns and appropriate teaching skill. These Intensives will provide the education, time, and accountability necessary to create new patterns and incorporate new skills.

Student Intensives - Do you need a reset or just to reconnect? Student intensives provide a structured schedule focused on yoga practice and lifestyle to help reconnect or simple to establish some new patterns.

Teaching Mastery Intensives - .

Apprenticeship Intensive - The traditional methods of learning and sharing yoga were for a student to work directly under the guidance of a teacher over a long period of time. This Apprenticeship Intensive will provide an extended program where an apprentice regularly works alongside the teacher in the mysore room. This work is complemented by personal studies, theory classes, and individual training that is focused on developing and strengthening the skills and awareness of the teacher already within.

Drop-in, Passes & Memberships

AYN Tuition

2-Week Unlimited Mysore Trial
Monthly Committed Package - Auto-Renew

$50 - 2-Week Unlimited Mysore Trial This one-time offer provides sufficient time to try out a dedicated practice of Ashtanga Yoga. The recommendation for a beginner is to come at least 3 times per week. This package will allow a student to become familiar with the Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga and to explore the postures of the primary series. Available to local and seasonal residents.

$150 - Monthly Committed Package You want a relationship with this practice. This is our regular auto-pay that will help develop a long-term practice and Ashtanga Yoga lifestyle. The recommendation is that a student practice 3-6 times per week. With this commitment, learning will continue to develop as the student-teacher relationship grows. The teaching will be tailored to you and where you are in the practice. This is the path to learn and fully understand the primary series and beyond.

A Month Commitment (No Auto-Renew)
Visitor 1-Week Pass
10-Class Pass

$175 - A Month Commitment - When things are in flux but you are committed to the Practice this package gets you access to any of our classes for one month without any auto-renewal!

AYN Packages are designed for your schedule and they provide good value with no commitments.

$60 - Visitor 1-Week Pass - Only here for a short visit? This package gets you access to any AYN class for 7 consecutive days!

AYN Packages are designed for your schedule and they provide good value with no commitments.

$20 - Class Drop-In - Drop in and experience one of our classes!

For better value, check out one of AYN's Packages, there is something for every schedule and no commitments. For even more benefits and our best values, check out AYN's memberships.

$140 - 10 Class Pass - Ideal if you want access but know your schedule is always changing. This package gives you access to 10 classes over a 6 month period.

AYN Packages are designed for your schedule, they provide good value with no commitments. For added benefits and best value check out memberships.