Beginners Yoga Class

Student Centered

Every Student is unique with their own gifts, limitations, needs and intention for approaching yoga. Come discover a space dedicated to seeing and teaching you as an individual not just another number in a group class.

Traditional Yoga Teaching

Traditional Methods

Fashionable yoga trends have taken the world by storm. AYN has consciously chosen to teach according to the Traditional Methods in order to preserve the integrity of the Yoga Teachings as handed down from our teachers.

Yoga Teacher Trainings & Classes

Teacher Empowerment

Gone are the days of inexcusably short or crammed 200-hour trainings. AYN is a teaching shala focused on continuing the education and development of teachers. Come experience teachings for yoga teachers.

what is Ashtanga Yoga Naples anyway?

About AYN

Ashtanga Yoga Naples is not about a fancy studio or charismatic teachers but a potent, therapeutic and transformative Yoga Practice. Our students come from every walk of life and our teachers are highly experienced, skilled and devoted to creating a safe learning space that will inspire you.

Ashtanga Yoga views each student as unique and this comes through in our teaching style and classes. Instead of guiding a group of students together through the same practice, we utilize the Mysore classroom to teach students individually in a communal setting. New students are taught a short sequence of breath, posture and movement according to their individual ability. As they become comfortable with what they have learned additional poses may be added or a teacher may assist and refine those poses that have already been learned.

This process encourages a slow and sustainable growth which systematically heals and balances the body and mind, developing focused awareness and eventually meditative insight.

what people are saying about Ashtanga Yoga Naples

AYN Reviews

Yoga Student doing Asana in Fort Myers
Anna M

Ashtanga Yoga Naples is a welcoming and friendly studio situated in the Paradise Welcome Center, Bonita Springs. Amy and Joshua are exceptional yoga teachers who guide and nurture the beginner and encourage and adjust those who are more advanced in the Ashtanga series. The Mysore classes provide the opportunity to practice in a comfortable learning environment, with instruction provided on an individual basis, which is truly a magical experience. I would recommend anyone to come and experience this traditional yoga method.

Yoga Training in Naples
Jacque B

Ashtanga Yoga Naples is a magical space. If you are new and curious about Ashtanga/Mysore, or advanced, this is your home. Amy and Josh have the skill, passion, devotion and continuous education to see you, guide you, and help you get established in each posture with confidence, resulting profound healing benefits that will reveal themselves on and off the mat, just show up!

Student doing Yoga in Bonita Springs
Preston R

AYN is amazing! As a newcomer to yoga as a whole, I was very intimidated by the Ashtanga method. That feeling of intimidation was put to rest during the first pose. Amy and Josh’s guidance and patience was unparalleled. AYN really has something special going on and i suggest anyone even remotely interested in yoga check them out! Keep it up AYN!